I needed a website to come along with my internship report, and I decided to start it from scratch. My objective was to demonstrate that is was possible to separate efficiently content and layout through standards. And I must admit, I'm jealous of Haran's designs :p, and I really want to improve my work up to his level. A hard task though.

St.ndard was made in less than two days, using jEdit, and the W3C validation service.

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Key features

Standards compliance

This page validates as XHTML 1.1, and its stylesheet validates as CSS 2.0.
Some people will bug you about validation, telling you it's something overrated, and no so useful. Don't listen to them.

Validation may not be the Holy Grail, but it will help improving the web one page at the time, and will save you some headaches when you don't understand why your page is somewhat broken.

Unified stylesheet

The stylesheet stands for all browsers. Rendering is ok in all standards-aware browsers, and even though it may fail in older browsers, I just don't care.

Well, in fact I do. It's not lazyness that lead me to this descision, but two statements that every web designer should be aware of :

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