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  S´Illot is a tourist resort on Mallorca´s east coast which was developed from 1959 onwards; it joins up with Sa Coma and the promenade runs along the entire coast, linking the beaches of the two resorts. There is a predominance of hotels, apartment blocks, family homes and summer houses, especially in the area of Cala Morlanda. Surrounded by hotels and other buildings, we find the remains of a Talayotic settlement, with the large stone blocks which formed part of a wall providing evidence of Mallorca´s prehistoric past.

Photo S'illot Beach

Beach of S'illot

S´Illot beach

  Which is also known as Cala Moreia, is 350m long and 35m wide; it is very popular during the summer months. At the right-hand end of the beach there is a small platform which is used as a landing dock, whilst at the other end of the beach there is a small pool where the torrent of N´Amer flows out to sea.
Services: bars and restaurants; lifeguards; sun loungers, pedal boats and parasols for hire.



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