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  Porto Cristo: on Mallorca's east coast has been a well known tourist destination for many years thanks to the amazing discovery during the 1930s of the spectacular Caves of Drach. These caves together with one of the world's largest underground lakes (Lago de Martel) attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year represent one of the island's premier tourist attractions.
Manacor: is just an ordinary town with a population of around 30,000. Narrow streets radiate randomly from its large, central Gothic-style church, whose spires soar above the surrounding low-rise buildings and tree-lined streets and squares. Manacor is famous for its pearl factory and, more locally, for its good-quality wooden furniture. Apart from its attractive old centre, this is one of the least attractive towns on the island, and most visitors are simply passing through on the way to somewhere else.

Photos Manacor and Porto Cristo Beaches

Beaches of Manacor and Porto Cristo

Cala Murada

  Is a beach 110 m long and 70 m wide. It has fine sands and there are some low cliffs limiting it to the right, on top of which some houses have been built. At the back, gather the waters of the torrent des Fangar, where some birds can bee seen. It is Located in the Cala Murada residential area, between Porto Cristo and Porto Colom.

Cala Poncet

  Is a narrow, sandy beach with a few rocks which is 80 m long; it is surrounded by hotels and a residential area. It┤s located in the residential area of Alcanada, after the commercial dock and before the Alcanada beach.

Es Domingos Petits beach

  Is 50 m long and 120 m wide with fine white sands.It is located in the tourist resort of Cales de Mallorca, next to the beach Es Domingos Grans, surrounded by buildings not very high.

Es Domingos Grans beach

  Is the main beach of the tourist resort Cales de Mallorca, very crowded in summer. It is 80 m long and 140 m wide, with fine white sands.

Cala Antena

  Is a small beach located in the tourist resort Cales de Mallorca, 30 m long and 70 m wide. The right margin outstands for its verticality while the left one is lower and lacks of tourist buildings.

Cala Bota

  Is a small-unspoilt beach, between high vertical cliffs, 30 m long and 15 m wide with thick pebbles and grave. There is a torrent that pours its waters during rainy seasons.

Cala Virgili

  Is an unspoilt small beach, 20 m long and 30 m wide with pebbles and thick grave on the shore and bottoms. On the right there is an ┤escar┤, a building used by fisherman to keep their boats and fishing tackles.

Cala Magraner

  Is an unspoilt beach with pebbles and grave on the shore and bottoms, 60 m long by 65 m wide. TÚ uns penya-segats de considerable alšada, on es practica l┤escalada. A la part del darrera hi ha un estanyol amb aigua provinent d┤un torrent.

Cala Anguila is a beach

  Located within the municipality of Manacor. Residential development funded by Swiss capital was started in the early 1970s, and the zone was named Portocristo Novo. The area is mainly made up of single-family constructions and tourist apartments.

Cala Mendia

  Is one of the most recent tourist resorts on Mallorca has been developed around this beach. Although development was approved in 1972, it wasn┤t until the 1990s that this zone was subjected to strong construction and urban growth. There are some hotels but the majority of buildings are single-family constructions and tourist apartments.

S┤Estany den Mas

  Is a beach situated by the Cala RomÓntica coastal development within the municipality of Manacor, and mainly comprises detached single-family constructions for tourist use. It is somewhat larger than the neighbouring developments of Cala Anguila and Cala Mendia, with which it forms an unbroken line of development along the coast.

Porto Cristo beach

  Is well protected from the wind and seaborne storms. The situation of the beach means that it is an ideal spot for swimming right from the start of summer, or even during winter for the more adventurous. At the height of summer, the high throughput of pleasure craft in the port means that the quality of the water is not as high as at other points on the island, even so, there are always plenty of swimmers in the water.

S┤Illot beach

  Which is also known as Cala Moreia, is 350m long and 35m wide; it is very popular during the summer months. At the right-hand end of the beach there is a small platform which is used as a landing dock, whilst at the other end of the beach there is a small pool where the torrent of N┤Amer flows out to sea.



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