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  Estellencs is a small and charming mountain village at the south-west of Tramuntana mountains, on the north coast of Mallorca. It has got paved pedestrian streets. Strolling around Estellencs takes the visitors back to Middle Ages, when it has its origins. Its closeness to the sea, formerly dangerous due to pirate attacks, has left the remains of the defence towers used to warn about fearful moorish pirates, like the church bell tower or En Tem Alemany tower, at Es trinquet Square.

Photo Estellencs Beach

Beach of Estellencs

Cala Estellencs

  Is a small fishing port with a beach. Boats are kept outside the sea to protect them against storms, either on the coast or in the "escars" -traditional contructions used by fishermen to keep their boats and the fishing tackle. The shore and the sea bed are rocky and the seawater is very transparent, fact that makes it a fine spot for snorkelling. The beach is 80 metres long and 10 metres wide. To get there from Estellencs, we should take Cavalleria St, then, Mar St which will lead us to the beach after 1,5 Km. There is also a restaurant and a parking.