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  The little Mallorcan town of Andratx sits amid a valley of almond groves in the extreme south-west of the island, overshadowed by the Puig de Galatzó mountain which reaches a height of 3,366 feet.
Puerto Andratx has a decent selection of hotels should you wish to spend more time there, you may also find some privately owned rental accommodation, try renting a luxury detached villa if you really want to live like a VIP. Golfers will enjoy the nearby course at Golf de Andratx.

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Beaches of Andratx

Es Carregador

  Is a small beach with a rocky shore and seabed. There are none of the typical facilities at this beach, which is popular amongst the inhabitants of Sant Elm, who almost exclusively enjoy this quiet spot. Next to the beach there are some low houses, most of which are summer residences. This beach, which is 25 m long and 10 m wide, is divided into two by a ridge of pebbles and is usually covered with seaweed. To get here, follow the street of Cala En Basset up to the street of Es Carregador, and youŽll come to this small beach on your left.

Es Geperut, or beach of Sant Elm

  Is the largest sandy spot within the municipality of Andratx: it is 125 m long and 30 m wide and is covered with fine white sand.

Cala Petita

  Which is 80 m long and 20 m wide, has some summer houses at one end and is next to the beach of Es Geperut. It doesnŽt have any of the standard beach facilities and is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquillity.


  Also known as Cala Molins, is 15 m long and 8 m wide; the beach is covered with rocks, pebbles and shingle and is very picturesque. To get here, when you get to Sant Elm, turn left and follow Camí de Cala Conills, which will take you straight to the beach.

Cala en Basset

  Is an unspoilt beach which is 40 m long and 25 m wide and which is covered by pebbles and shingle. It is located in front of the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera in a very quiet spot. To get here from Sant Elm, follow the directions to get to the monastery of La Trapa.

Cala Egos

  Is an unspoilt beach with a rocky shore and seabed; it is well out of the reach of mass tourism and is a unique place to spend a day in touch with nature. This pebbly beach is 70 m long and 25 m wide, with a pine grove at the bottom end. To get here from Port dŽAndratx, take Anvinguda Gabriel Roca, near the sailing club, from where you will find the road that goes to the residential zone of Montfort. Go past Montfort and follow the road up to a crossing. Here the road goes down to the beach along a track for about 4 km, which vehicles cannot travel on.

Cala Fonoll

  Is between imposing cliff walls. There is a vast nine-floor building at the bottom end of the beach and on the other side there are some villas. The shore and the seabed of this beach, which is 55 m long and 15 m wide, are covered with grey pebbles. To get here, take the Avinguda Gabriel Roca in Port dŽAndratx, and from there follow the road of Carrer Cala Fonoll, which will take you to the beach. To get down to the shore, you will have to walk down a steep ramp carved into the talus.

Ses Bassetes

  Is a small beach - 30 m long by 15 m wide - which is located between the promenade and the pier at Port dŽAndratx. It is the perfect place to jump in the water and then go for a walk.

Cala Marmassen

  Is a small beach - 20 m long by 4 m wide - with a rocky shore and seabed, making it a very attractive spot for snorkelling. To get here from Port dŽAndratx, the street of Carrer Almirall Riera Alemany will take you to the residential area of Cap de sa Mola, and the beach is just behind this. You will have to walk the last stretch.

Cala Llamp

  Is a rocky area which is a spot from which to get into the sea rather than a beach; it is 35 m long and 5 m wide and many apartments and villas have been built here. To get here, from Port dŽAndratx there is a road that leads to Cala Llamp. Part of the route is the same as that for Cala Marmassen.

Cala Blanca

  Is a small unspoilt beach with pebbles and shingle; it is at the foot of the mountain of Sa Talaia, which offers beautiful views. It is 30 m long and 4 m wide, which is enough for the few swimmers who get here. To reach this spot, take the road from Camp de Mar towards Port dŽAndratx via the road PM-101, and after 2 km youŽll come across a track that will take you very near the beach, which can be seen before arriving. You will have to walk for about 200 m down the final stretch to get to the beach.

Camp de Mar beach

  Is a sandy spot which is 180 m long and 50 m wide. Although many hotels and apartments have been built around the beach, it is still a quiet place. The main attraction is a small island, which is linked to land by means of a footbridge and which has a restaurant which covers almost its entire surface.

Es Racó de Camp de Mar

  Also known as Ses Dones beach, is only a couple of hundred metres away from Camp de Mar beach as you go along the Passeig de la Platja de ses Dones. It is 150 m long and 5 m wide with a very-gently shelving seabed, which means that at 50 m out to sea the depth of the water is only 1.5 m deep.



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